What Is A SCOBY Anyway?

What Is A SCOBY Anyway?

In case you were wondering, these are what SCOBY's looks like. They're sometimes called mushrooms but also look a little bit like jellyfish. Although they would survive for a while if you interchanged them, there are different ones for the Jun and Kombucha and it's best to keep them separate, because some cultures prefer sugar and others prefer honey.

We started off with little ones, making small batches for our own use and grew new babies as we went along. In order to gear up for full production though, we needed to ferment around 10 SCOBYS in a large 300 litre drum for around 6 weeks, until we had one giant SCOBY capable of fermenting the whole 300 litres in one go.

So now we have a giant Kombucha SCOBY and a giant Jun SCOBY, plus all the little original parent SCOBYS (the parents are much smaller than their baby, go figure), which we use to try new and interesting recipes.

If anyone has any suggestions or requests, feel free to get in touch.

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