Loving Foods Organic Sauerkraut

Is RAW Sauerkraut Really Any Different?

Want to know the difference between a properly fermented, raw, unpastuerised Loving Foods Sauerkraut and other brands? Super-microbiological activity, that's what!

Remember, our Sauerkraut contains nothing but organic cabbage and salt. We left this jar out of the fridge for a couple of weeks and then opened it up. As you can see, the bacteria have been working extremely hard, fermenting away and producing CO2. As soon as we released the lid, the whole thing went crazy and despite the fizz, it still tasted delicious. This was a particuarly active jar and since you won't always be lucky enough to see quite this level of activity, we thought we'd post this for everyone to watch.

We still recommend keeping all of our veggies in the fridge once you recieve them though. Keeping them cool slows down the fermentation process and ensures that your jars won't leak, that the product inside remains consistent and that they will last up to their shelf life.

But if you ever wanted to know what can happen if you leave them out the fridge, or whether a Loving Foods Sauerkraut is really any better than the other stuff, now you know.

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