Loving Foods at The Garden, Hale

Loving Foods at The Garden

We didn't think it was possible but now The Garden Cafe in Hale is offering an even more nutritious meal choice thanks to Loving Foods’ fermented Sauerkraut and Kimchi, which have now been added to their new autumn menu.

The Garden is a wonderful organic cafe in the heart of the leafy village of Hale, South Manchester. Serving Earth-friendly food, the Garden offers a delicious selection of healthy organic dishes focused on using local, seasonal produce. 

For years, fermented foods have been used by different cultures all around the world, from Sauerkraut in Germany, to Kimchi in Korea, and everything in between. The method of fermentation that Loving Foods use, is exactly the same way that our ancestors used to preserve and store food before fridges were introduced. The natural bacteria present in our vegetables feed off the starch and sugar, creating lactic acid. This process is called lactofermentation. During the process, the food is preserved and enzymes, vitamins, minerals and literally billions upon billions of beneficial bacteria - or as you may know them, probiotics - are created.

Now that the food is full of these new enzymes and beneficial bacteria, it is transformed into a much more digestible form, allowing your body to absorb the nutrients more efficiently, as well as helping you to digest any other food you are eating as well. This is why a little fermented food should be eaten with each meal to get the maximum benefits from it.

It has long been known, but is beginning to be seen through research and scientific studies, that good gut health can slow or even reverse many diseases and improve the body’s overall immunity, helping to keep you well over the winter months.


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