Organic Sauerkraut - Caraway & Juniper Berry

Organic Sauerkraut -  Caraway & Juniper Berry (Unpasteurised)

Ingredients - Cabbage* (97%), Caraway Seeds* (1%), Juniper Berries* (0.5%), Celtic Sea Salt (1.5%)
*Certified Organic Ingredients

Net weight 500g

Keep refrigerated and use within 10-15 days of opening.

Cultured Organic Vegetables

Sauerkraut is a classic Eastern European dish, made from cabbages that have been preserved with salt and lactic acid bacteria.

Loving Foods Sauerkraut is naturally cultured using organic ingredients and traditional fermentation techniques. This method of preparation has been used for thousands of years to enhance and preserve the nutritional value and flavour of food.

Fermented foods form an important part of the diets of cultures throughout the world, who cherish these foods for their high vitamin, enzyme and probiotic content, and their ability to promote good health and wellbeing.

Important note: It is normal for our jars to ocassionally leak during transit due to the ongoing fermentation of the product and release of CO2. Please do not reject your package if the box is slightly wet, this is perfectly usual behaviour and does not affect the product in any way.

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