Gut Composition Test


How Healthy is your Gut?

The NeoVos Gut Composition Test quantifies Levels of bacteria within the Gut Microbiome. We show the current levels of selected “good” and “bad” bacteria and explain the effects of each strain and how it can impact your Gut health.

The ‘good’ markers are amongst the most well-researched bacteria with numerous health benefits. The ‘bad’ bacteria have been selected as the most common problematic bacteria or because they are present in everyone but at smaller quantities, so if the number of these bacteria is increasing it shows the gut is out of balance and a marker for poor gut health.

A great tool to see current levels of Opportunistic and Pathogenic and a great way to monitor steps taken to improve gut health.

    The test only takes 72 hours for results to be produced from receipt of sample at the Lab and they will then be emailed directly to you once ready. 

    Please follow this link to see a sample report for the Gut Composition Test.

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