About Us

Loving Foods

Loving Foods was founded in 2016 by brother and sister, Mendel and Faye. Mendel is a qualified Nutritional Therapist with over 10 years' practical and educational experience in health, nutrition and the art of fermentation. Faye is a loving wife, dedicated mother, successful business owner and health food fanatic.

Mendel and Faye have spent years helping themselves and their families to treat, and eventually cure, chronic infections and disease. Probiotics and fermented foods were a huge part of that healing process.

They have decided to take what they have learned about diet and nutrition and put it into practice, embarking on a new commercial venture. The products on this site have been used for thousands of years by cultures all across the world, to help promote good health and well-being.

Our Story

Faye, Mendel and their six brothers and sisters, were fortunate enough to be brought up in a home where the emphasis was always on home cooked food, healthy ingredients and a daily salad. Their mum identified strongly with the “hippie” culture of the ‘60s, which led to her interest in nutrition, alternative therapies and an eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s no wonder then, that some of her children have followed in her footsteps and continued the tradition.

They didn't always follow a healthy diet though. Once Faye left home and became independent, she started to eat a lot of processed foods and refined sugars. She ended up suffering with chronic IBS, which was the first time she realised that she couldn't just eat what she wanted, that she had to care for her body and feed it the right foods.

At the same time, Mendel was following his own healing path and training as a naturopath. Faye learnt a lot from him and with his help, was able to start making changes to her diet and lifestyle, gradually seeing improvements in both her IBS and her general health. Practicing alternative therapies and cleaning up her diet has made a huge difference to Faye and her family.

Through extensive research, education and testing, Mendel and Faye began to understand which foods were most important to their health and immune systems. Along the way, they discovered fermented foods, their history, their variety, and how crucial they are to the human body. Fermented foods, and the billions of friendly bacteria that they contain, are easily in the top five of the most important things that people should be eating and drinking each day (get in touch to find out the other four!).

Mendel’s qualifications with the Nutritional Healing Foundation UK, has allowed him to pursue an enjoyable role helping his clients to understand the underlying causes of their medical conditions. By providing support, education and additional resources, he is able to help them regain control of their health.

Mendel began fermenting foods after learning about the advantages of eating them as part of a regular diet. He started producing these lovely, nutritionally dense foods as a means to incorporate them into his daily routine and enjoy their many health benefits. He has gained considerable practical experience and has been developing the art of fermentation over the past 10 years. His passion and expertise for healthy nutrition, coupled with his love for helping people improve their health, was a key driving force in the desire to start Loving Foods and offer these wonderful healing products to people everywhere.

Fermented foods and drinks have become a huge part of both family’s daily diets, not only for the health benefits but also because they all love them. And we’re sure you will too!