Raw Organic Fermented Food and Drink

We’re good for you, we’re tasty, we’re organic - we’re fermented, naturally. Our range of fermented, unpasteurised food and drink is full of friendly, helpful bacteria and made right here in the UK, by us - get some in your life.

Great Taste

We’re really pleased: our organic Lemon and Ginger Jun was recognised with a Great Taste Award in 2018. These are the Oscars of the food world, the epicurean equivalent of the Man Booker, the gastronomic World Cup, the… you get the picture: we’re pleased!


Certified Organic

From cabbage, carrots and caraway seeds to black pepper, blueberries and beetroot, all our ingredients are organic. Well not all of them - salt and water cannot achieve organic certification - that’s why they’re not organic. Otherwise, we’re definitely organic.

Fermented Health

Celebrating Kimchi: Taste Healthy

Some fascinating and encouraging news came out recently that kimchi, the fermented wonder food, can lower blood triglyceride level by up to 33%. Re...

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The Best Recipes for Sauerkraut

Alongside a large portion of the world’s population, we are huge fans of sauerkraut, and we think you’ll be too. It’s a classic Central & Easte...

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