Organic Jun-Kombucha Mixed Case


Light, refreshing and oh-so-good, jun is made with organic green tea and honey. A vitamin and enzyme-rich, amazing drink, full of beneficial live bacteria. Enjoy it every day - and always have a case on hand.

Select this mixed case to receive a selection of all the flavours that we currently have in stock.

*Please note that for product traceability reasons, we are not able to offer personally-customised mixed cases. If you would prefer to choose specific products, please add them to your basket individually.

All ingredients are certified organic: 

Organic Jun-Kombucha - Lemon & Ginger
Ingredients - Filtered Water, Green Tea, Honey, Lemon, Ginger, Jun Culture

Organic Jun-Kombucha - Hibiscus & Lime
Ingredients - Filtered Water, Green Tea, Honey, Lime, Hibiscus, Jun Culture

Organic Jun-Kombucha
Ingredients - Filtered Water, Green Tea*, Honey*, Jun Culture