What is kombucha?

Essentially a fermented tea. And one that’s been slurped worldwide for thousands of years. A little fizzy, a little sour, our kombucha combines green tea from China with organic cane sugar and something called a ‘SCOBY’. That’s nothing to do with a cartoon dog – it’s just an easier way of saying a ‘symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts’.

Flavoured with fruits and herbs, there’s nothing artificial in our kombucha – it’s organic, raw, unpasteurised and low in sugar.  Some other kombuchas contain artificial sweeteners, are made from concentrates and are pasturised - so if this is important to you, make sure you check out the label.

You can use kombucha as a marinade, soak some grains in it or glug from a glass instead of your usual sugar-laden love.



What is a SCOBY?

Is kombucha fermented tea?

How do you drink kombucha? 

What are the health benefits of kombucha?



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